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Bentomat linear

SuDS is a technique that manages surface water and groundwater sustainably. It is extremely effective.


The benefits of using Bentomat include:


  • Reducing flood risk

  • Maintaining, creating or restoring natural flow regimes

  • Improving water resources

  • Enhancing natural amenity

  • Highly cost-effective

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

  • Storing runoff and releasing it (attenuation)

  • Transporting (conveying) water on the surface

  • Filtering out pollutants through reedbeds and plants

  • Allowing sediments to settle out by controlling the flow of the water

  • Anaerobic Digestion Basin Lining

Bentomat allows plants to grow on it, perfect for natural filtration

Bentomat Pond & Pool Liner - SuDS Sheme Bentomat Pond & Pool Liner - SuDS Scheme